How to use Light Therapy for Depression in the Winter

Use light therapy for depression in the winter

Using light therapy for depression has been around for years.  It’s very effective at curing those winter blues.  If you’re not sure you need light therapy for depression we’ll go through some of the signs a bit later as well as discuss the proper way to use a light therapy lamp.  Light therapy can easily, and cheaply be done at home to cure those depression symptoms you may be experiencing.

Do I need light therapy for depression?  What are the signs?

Here are the more common signs of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

  • Change of appetite, craving sweet or starchy foods.  Are you eating more sweet snacks than you normally would?
  • Lack of energy, oversleeping and feeling tired.
  • Do you find yourself avoiding social interaction, avoiding parties and other activities you usually enjoy?
  • Are you generally irritable and have difficulty concentrating?  Do your friends and family seem to constantly get on your nerves?

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms then light therapy for depression is something that can possibly help you.

How does one do light therapy for depression?

You’ll want to find a seasonal affective disorder light that’s about 25 times the brightness of a normal room.  Contrary to popular belief the light does not have to be sunlight, fluorescent light is fine.

Start you light therapy for depression by sitting in front of the light for about 30 minutes a day, divided into two sessions of about 15 minutes each.  One session in the morning, one in the evening.

Don’t do light therapy for depression for more than 15 minutes or so at a time as this can lead to eyestrain, insomnia and irritability.

And there you have it, first see if you’re a good candidate for light therapy for seasonal depression, then, find a good quality light therapy light, and do two short sessions each day.  After just a few days you should feel those winter blues start going away.

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