The Inflatable Queen Mattress – How to find the best inflatable raised mattress for the money

wenzel inflatable queen raised mattress

This Wenzel if a great inflatable queen mattress

If you’re in the market for an inflatable queen mattress, whether as an extra bed or perhaps as a temporary sleeping area, there are some very important factors you need to consider. An inflatable raised mattress is much more than just a big balloon, it’s very design determines how comfortable it is, as well as how durable it is. Read on to learn about some of the features you should look for when you need to get an inflatable queen mattress.

Let’s first look at the size. I know, we’re talking about an inflatable queen mattress. But in this case I’m talking about the thickness. When shopping for an inflatable raised mattress you’ll see some that are normal (bed) thickness and others that are quite thick. The thick ones require special sheets. To be honest I’d avoid the thin ones as it’s quite possible to ‘bottom out’ and that’s not comfortable at all. An inflatable raised mattress will be about 22 inches high, the same height as a regular bed. Look for this depth.

When looking for an inflatable queen mattress it’s especially important to consider the inflation mechanism. Some have a manual pump, while a better inflatable raised mattress will use an electric pump. Don’t even consider a ‘blow up’ one as you’ll probably pass out just trying to fill it.

You’ll next want to look at the weight rating of the inflatable queen mattress you’re considering. If two large people will sleep on it you really need to pay attention to this. A Lesser quality inflatable raised mattress will be rated low here.

Here are some other things to look for in a great inflatable queen mattress

  • Flocking – Nice velvet, or other quality material on top can prevent the sheets from slipping all over the place. This, to me, is a very important feature.
  • No skid base – Again, this just makes the inflatable raised mattress that much better to control.
  • Although not critical, some form of storage, or carry bag is a nice feature.
  • A built in pillow area is really nice to have as well. Remember, without a headboard your pillow can, and often will, slide off the back.
  • A top quality inflatable queen mattress will have some form of inner ‘springs’. These are really individual ‘tubes’ that are filled to act like springs. A really good quality inflatable queen mattress will include this in it’s features, if it doesn’t then it probably is really just a big balloon.

Here’s a great inflatable queen mattress that’s available on Amazon that is just perfect in all respects, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

And finally, when choosing an inflatable queen mattress make sure you read some air mattress reviews on such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon. These air mattress reviews are written by actual users and can guide you on your search on finding the best inflatable raised mattress at a great price.

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