Install your own DIY Wireless Alarm System

diy wireless alarm system

A DIY wireless alarm system will keep burglars away

You can install your own DIY wireless alarm system that’s amazingly easy, ridiculously cheap and highly effective.  The key to a good DIY wireless alarm system is creating an effective visual deterrence.  There’s only a few things to do, and just a handful of items to buy.  Setup is a cinch, just follow this easy guide and install your own DIY wireless alarm system in an afternoon.

DIY wireless alarm system – visual deterrence

First off you want to make it quite clear to any potential burglar that you have an alarm system installed.  No burglar is going to try to rob a house that may, or may not have an alarm system installed when your neighbor clearly doesn’t have one.  You’ll need to install some signs and maybe a fake camera or two in very visible areas.

alarm system sign

These signs are a great way to add visual deterrence

Place some alarm system signs around your home, the front yard, the back yard, by every door.  Also place stickers on all ground floor windows.  Again, this is a visual deterrent so more is better.

Next, purchase a fake security camera, preferable with a blinking light and put them on your home pointing at obvious entry areas, the front door, back door and maybe in your backyard too.  If you want to actually use real cameras you can get wireless security cameras and install them.  Personally I believe the fake cameras are good enough.  No thief is going to sit there and inspect a camera to try to figure out if it’s real or not, especially when your neighbor doesn’t have any.

Next, if you have any exterior lights place motion detector modules in them.  These will turn on the lights if anything moves nearby.

Finally, you’ll want to remove any clutter around doors and windows.  If a burglar can be easily seen he’s less likely to try to break in.  If your back door is obscured by bushes and other things he’ll be able to take his time to get into your home.

motion detector module

Motion activated lights play a big part in this DIY wireless alarm system

Also, don’t put ladders, lawn chairs, tables or any thing else a potential burglar can use to reach low windows near your home.  Keep these things in your garage if possible.

That’s it for visual deterrence.  The key here is to make it quite obvious that you have a security system, the thief will move on to an easier house.

DIY wireless alarm system – the actual alarm part of the setup

wireless window alarm

These wireless alarms are cheap and highly effective

Next we’re going to put in the actual window and door alarms.  A simple wireless alarm set costs about $40 and will allow you to alarm 4 entrances (windows or doors).  They consist of two parts, one goes on the door or window, the other on the frame.  When the entrance is opened the switch closes and the alarm goes off.  Make sure you purchase enough to cover every entrance.

So there you have it, for less than $100 you can install a very effective DIY wireless alarm system for your home.  Concentrate on visual deterrence and any potential thief will pass your home by and go to an easier target.

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