Install your own do it yourself home alarm systems

Nice kit for a do it yourself alarm systems setup

Do it yourself home alarm systems are quite easy to install yourself.  By concentrating on visual deterrence you can easily make your home unattractive to potential thieves.  Remember, no thief wants to be caught, if he/she notices what looks like cameras and other alarm equipment protecting your home the thief will just move on to somebody else’s house.  I’ll go through the equipment necessary to setup your own do it yourself home alarm systems and what you should do to increase visual deterrence.

Do it yourself home alarm systems – The steps to set it up

The most important part of any alarm system is visual deterrence, this applies to simple do it yourself home alarm systems or professionally installed systems.  Visual deterrence has always been the number one most effective way to prevent a break in.

Our do it yourself home alarm system will concentrate on creating a no-nonsense visual deterrence that even the stupidest thief will take note of, and move on to some other home.

We are going to create visual deterrence by first removing potential hiding spots, installing motion activated lighting and finally by setting up (fake) surveillance cameras.

  • Take a look at your basement, side and rear windows and entrances.  If there is potential cover near them then remove them.  Make especially sure that if somebody is near these areas that neighbors can easily see them, or be seen from the street.
  • Next purchase motion activated modules to place inside your existing outdoor lighting.  These are inexpensive and just screw into your existing sockets.
  • And finally, purchase and install fake security cameras that are easily seen and are pointing towards any potential break in points.
  • After this is done purchase and install alarm system signs and also place stickers on your doors, windows and any other potential entrances.  These are easily found on Amazon for under $15.

Finally we’ll want to install some simple alarms on the windows and doors.  These can be purchased in sets and are completely wireless solutions.  Place them on the most critical windows and doors.

And that’s it.  Installing your own do it yourself home alarm systems are easy and quick.  In fact you can easily do this in one day for about $100.

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