Ladies Winter Jacket – How to Choose the Right one

Pick the right ladies winter jacket to stay warm

A great ladies winter jacket is just the thing for when it gets cold outside.  Finding a great ladies winter jacket can be a difficult task if you don’t really know what makes a good one, and what makes a bad one.  Ladies winter outerwear has come a long way in recent years with new materials and styles now available.  If you’re in the market for a great ladies winter jacket then read on, I’ll show you what features to look for.

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between a ladies winter jacket and a winter coat.  The jacket comes down to the waist, while a coat is much longer.  Although you may think this means little when it comes to picking out a great ladies winter jacket you’re wrong.  What’s good in a coat either doesn’t apply to a jacket or is totally different.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s look at styling.  A big puffy down filled ladies winter jacket may keep you nice and toasty, but it’s hardly appropriate to wear when you’re out on the town, or to a Broadway show for example.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning several ladies winter jackets the trick is to understand that you need to look at each style of jacket differently.

For a ladies winter jacket made of leather, perhaps to wear out on the town you need to examine the closure method closely.  If there are buttons you need to be aware that leather tends to open between the buttons when moving around.  If there is a zipper make sure there’s a flap that covers it to keep out the cold air.  The sleeves should also have a method to seal them to prevent cold air from entering there as well.

This ladies winter jacket looks great, but it really won't keep you warm

For a fabric jacket once again check the buttons, zipper and any flap.  Make sure you can seal the cuffs as well.

A ladies winter jacket made of wool or cashmere will certainly keep you very warm, cashmere is expensive though.

For a leather ladies winter jacket there should be a good liner.  Leather gets real cold real fast and without a good liner the jacket will do little to keep you warm.

Check the fit of the ladies winter jacket, especially if you’re considering a leather one.  You should be able to move around easily, and, when you try it on make sure you wear a sweater under it as this is most likely what you’ll be wearing with the jacket.  If it feels tight in the store it will be uncomfortable when you wear it after a few minutes.

When all is said and done you need to look good, feel good and stay warm.  Check the closure method closely, the liner and the fit and you’ll be able to get a great ladies winter jacket.

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