Learn about the Tent – The most Important piece of Camping Equipment

Camping equipment - A good quality dome tent

Camping equipment – A good quality dome tent

Few can argue that the tent is probably one of the most important pieces of camping equipment you can buy, yet so many people go out and choose one based on price or worse, on looks.  When you start looking at the features of a tent it can seem a daunting task, with all the types, sized and shapes available.  If you’re looking for the best camping equipment you can get don’t forget to get a great tent too.

When it comes to camping equipment tents are available in two main types, 3-season and 4-season.  The three season tent is good for all seasons but winter.  The four season tent can be used in all seasons, but, since it is water and weather proof it lacks ventilation and can be uncomfortable in the summer months.  For general family camping equipment the 3 season tent is the best choice.

Camping equipment - A great cabin style tent

Camping equipment – A great cabin style tent

Consider the size.  Camping tents are usually rated for the number of people they are designed to sleep.  Generally don’t go by this number, since manufacturers measure this as if everyone sleeps shoulder to shoulder.  Instead go by the actual measurements, if necessary measure it out in your backyard to get a feel for the true size, don’t forget to consider other camping equipment you need to store in the tent too.   Also, many people like to be able to stand up, such as when getting dressed, take this into account as well when looking into the size.

Decide on the style of tent you need.   There are two main styles; dome and cabin.  Dome style tents are easy to setup and deflect the wind, on the downside they generally have a lower ceiling.  Cabin style tents require more effort to setup, but do have a higher ceiling making them more comfortable.  Generally speaking if you have a few people to help setup the camping tent the cabin style is the preferred equipment to have.

As far as material is concerned camping tents are available in either rip stop nylon or a polyester cotton blend. Tents made of nylon are tougher and better quality and have better ventilation.  I wouldn’t recommend a fabric tent unless it’s a four season tent, and even then check the quality of the fabric.


Camping equipment - another fine dome tent

Camping equipment – another fine dome tent

The best quality camping tents have fiberglass poles and hardware with shock cords holding them together.  For windy environments make sure the hardware is aluminum.  For quality camping equipment choose a tent with top notch hardware.

Never buy a camping tent without flooring otherwise all your equipment may get wet.  Look for waterproof nylon that runs several inches up the side creating a ‘tub’ effect.  This is a sure sign of a quality camping tent.

You may not think so but good ventilation is important when it comes to a camping tent.  After a few days your equipment and clothes may get damp creating a musty uncomfortable atmosphere in the tent.  Make sure the tent has good ventilation from nylon screens. Also, make sure a rain fly is included.  The best camping tents are well ventilated with quality screens and a waterproof rain fly.

When you’re looking for the best camping equipment the tent is certainly not too be skimped on.  Make sure you read camping tent reviews on sites like consumer search, consumer reports and even on Amazon.  They have tent reviews written by users just like yourself and can really help you make a smart buying decision.

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