Learn all about Video Cards

This is a video card

This is a video card

A video card is an upgrading hardware device (expansion card) which can be plugged into the computers motherboard. It is also known as the graphic card, display adapter, graphic adapter card and also has other terms. It is mainly used for gaming. It also has other uses like 3D rendering and editing and etc which are rarely being reviewed.

Most people think that a video card slows down the Pc by using the systems Ram. It is not true. Video cards use their own memory and there are some protocols that allow video cards to access a part of the systems memory. But the recent video cards have their own inbuilt memory and do not make use of the systems memory.

If you are a Pc gamer and you want to feel the reality in graphics, the best thing to do is to upgrade you PCs Graphic card. Gaming experiences completely depends on a video card. The heavier will be the load and effect on game playing when the graphic settings get higher.

People play modern games with old video cards, but they experience slow game play and low video quality. We know that, a video card is installed to the slot on the motherboard.

Motherboards have 1 to 3 expansion slots which are different from each other. They differ in bandwidth, voltage, and other features.

It’s very important to know the slots you have in your systems motherboard and buy an appropriate video card. A video card designed for one slot type cannot be installed into another slot. So please make sure you consider all these when buying a video card.

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