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Electronic dog training collars - The shock type

Many new dog owners, when faced with excessive barking, turn to electronic dog training collars, and with good reason, they work quite well at correcting excessive barking.  There are two types, the shock and the spray type.  Learn which of these electronic dog-training collars is best for you.

When faced with the decision on which of the electronic dog training collars an owner should get consider these points.

  • The spray type uses a harmless citronella spray to correct the behavior.  The dog will hear it go off, see the cloud, taste it and feel it.  This type is quite effective.  The drawback is that you will have to buy refill cartridges.
  • The shock type will give a small (harmless) electronic shock, some of the better electronic dog training collars of this type will also have an audio alarm.  The drawback of this type is that some owners do not feel comfortable hurting their pet.

Both types of electronic dog training collars sense the bark through vibration and sometimes from a microphone that will hear the bark.  The citronella spray type has been proven to be almost twice as effective.

Some additional features to consider, especially for the electronic type of dog training collar are…

  • Make sure you can adjust the intensity levels (shock) as you really don’t want to deliver a shock intended for a 60-pound dog to a small 6-pound dog.  The results will not be good.
  • Vibration and audio stimulus features.  Better electronic dog training collars will also deliver a vibration and alarm if a bark is detected.  With this feature you can eventually do away with the spray or shock if the dog is almost fully trained.
  • Auto off if the dog continues to bark.  Sometimes, no matter how often the collar goes off the dog will continue barking.  This is to protect the animal if it’s barking due to an intruder or other emergency.  The last thing you want to do is shock your pet 15 times a minute if somebody is breaking into your home.

Many would consider the spray type of electronic dog training collars to be more humane; I would have to agree with this.

Before you head off to the store or your favorite website I suggest reading dog training collar reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  The dog training collar reviews are written by users just like yourself and can really help you find the best electronic dog training collars.

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