Learn How to Lose Body Fat Quickly the Right Way

Learn how to lose body fat quickly

It seems everyone has his or her own theory as to how to lose body fat quickly.  The fact is if you want to know how to lose body fat quickly there is a simple, tried and true formula for accomplishing this.  Notice I didn’t say easy, that’s because it isn’t.  If you want to lose weight fast then the process is simple; go into a calorie deficit and increase lean muscle mass.  Let’s look at this process more closely.

How to lose body fat quickly by taking in fewer calories

Once of the ways people fail at losing weight and dieting is not taking in the right amount of calories daily.  Starving yourself doesn’t work since you body will just go into starvation mode and resist losing weight at all.

The way to do this is by calculating your BMI, which is your basal metabolic index.  There are many BMI calculators available on the Internet, you just input your age, and sex, weight and height and it’ll tell you about how many calories you should be taking in daily to MAINTAIN your weight.  If you take in less than this you’ll lose body fat, more than this and you’ll gain weight, it’s that simple.

Once you know your BMI you’ll want to shoot for about 500-600 fewer calories per day, at this rate you’ll lose about 1.5 pounds a week.  I know this doesn’t sound like losing body fat quickly but read on to learn how to increase your weight loss.

How to lose body fat quickly by working out

Since taking in about 600 calories less per day can be difficult you can augment your body fat loss by adding a workout. Consider the benefits.

Studies have shown that an intense workout can increase your metabolism for up to 35 hours after the workout.  A higher metabolism means more calories burned while just standing there

I can’t stress enough how important it is to do a workout at least twice, preferable three times a week.  Not only will you burn calories during the workout but for almost two days after!

Another benefit of working out is building lean muscle mass.  Lean muscle mass, unlike fat, burns calories even when you aren’t actually doing anything.  Studies have shown that adding just one pound of muscle mass burns as much as 60 extra calories a day.

Keep in mind that if you DON’T add a workout that up to ½ of your weight loss can be from muscle mass and that means you’ll burn less calories per day as you lose muscle.  Your BMI will go down slowly until you’ll stop losing weight altogether.

How to lose body fat quickly – the bottom line

To summarize; calculate your BMI.  Shoot for about 600 calories less per day.  Add a good intense workout a few times a week and the body fat should start to melt away.

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