A Look at some Cool Kindle Cases that will actually Protect your Kindle

cool kindle cases

Cool kindle cases should also protect your kindle

Right now there are lots of cool kindle cases available on the market, unfortunately quite a few of them place style over functionality and protection.  After all, you wouldn’t walk around with a laptop that’s not protected by a case would you?  so why would you cover your valuable kindle in a case that barely protects it.  In this article I’ll cover some of the construction and material features you should look for when shopping for cool kindle cases and then I’ll link some of the finest, coolest cases that you’ll find on the market today.

Even though you’re looking for cool kindle cases it’s vitally important that the kindle case actually protects your kindle.  After all, nobody plans to drop their kindle but if you do it’s nice to have the piece of mind that it’s actually protected.  A broken or scratched kindle is NOT cool at all.

Features to look for when shopping for Kindle Cases

With that in mind make sure the case covers each of these four points at a minimum to offer the greatest protection.

  • First off I prefer a nice soft interior liner to prevent scratching the screen.  A hard interior will make it that much easier for grit or dirt to scratch the screen and trust me, you don’t want to scratch the screen.
  • Make sure the outside is made of sturdy, durable and thick material.  A thin vinyl cover, for example, will offer little if any impact resistance.  And once again, a good soft interior will help here as well.
  • Look for good double stitching to resist wear and tear.  The kindle is designed to be used and held, so the stitching will wear down over time.
  • Absolutely make sure the mechanism used to hold the kindle in place is secure.  Whether it be elastic straps, Velcro patches or metal clasps (the best) make sure it won’t fall out.
  • And finally, make sure the cover actually overlaps the edge by at least a quarter inch.  Any less than this and there will be no protection if you drop it directly on it’s edge.

When looking for cool kindle cases don’t just look for style, functionality and protection must be considered otherwise you’re kindle isn’t protected as well as it should be.  They aren’t cheap you know.

Now let’s take a look at some cool kindle cases.  These are all available on Amazon (the makers of Kindle) and cover the points I made above quite well.

Speck Fitted Kindle Case (Fits 6″ Display, 2nd Generation Kindle), Gray Houndstooth
Eco-nique natural Hemp Brown case cover for Kindle 2 / Global Wireless 6″ – Book Style (not compatible with 3rd gen)
USA Gear Premium Kindle Case. Protective Neoprene Hard Cover with Plush-Suede Interior and official rubber USA LOGO (2nd Generation 6″ Display)

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