Looking for Baby Monitors? Consumer Reports shouldn’t be your First Stop

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Consumer Reports can help you find a great baby monitor

Consumer Reports baby monitor reviews are great, they can really help you narrow down your choices when your looking for a great baby monitor.  To really find the best baby monitors that fit your needs perfectly Consumer Reports shouldn’t be the first place you go though.  You should start your search for great baby monitors by learning about them, and only then should you head over to Consumer Reports to find the best rated baby monitors according to how you narrowed down your choices.  Let’s take a look at baby monitors so you can see what features you should consider.

First off, there are three main types of baby monitors; Consumer Reports will review them all so make sure you understand what they are.

  • Audio baby monitor – These are almost always the cheapest, and, as the name implies is strictly an audio monitor.  These almost always use the same frequencies as cordless phones so can be quite prone to interference.
  • Digital baby monitor – Same as above but is not prone to interference.
  • Video baby monitor – This has both audio and video, and, like above comes in both analog and digital varieties.  The best is the digital video baby monitor.
  • Movement baby monitor – This type uses a sensor that can detect movement in the crib, usually this type is added to one of the above types, but is available separately.

Once you have an idea of the type of baby monitors that interest you don’t head over to Consumer Reports yet, we still need to look at the features you can get.

If you’re interested in getting either an audio baby monitor or perhaps a video baby monitor, both analogs, be absolutely certain these have multiple channels so you can pick one that has the least interference.  Don’t automatically assume an analog baby monitor isn’t worth getting.  If you intend to use the baby monitor away from neighbors or other possible sources of interference these can be a great, economical choice for you.

Make sure the baby monitors you’re considering have a low battery indicator.  I know this should be standard but there are actually a few out there that don’t have this (obvious) feature.

baby monitor reviews

Know what to look for in baby monitor reviews

For all types of baby monitors make sure there is a visual sound indicator.  Usually this consists of a series of lights.  It can be difficult to judge the sound coming from the baby’s room with the TV on, or during a conversation.  You’ll appreciate having this feature.

Baby monitors should have their range listed in their specs.  Make sure you’ll always be in range where you intend to use it, also check to see if there is an out of range alert.

For video baby monitors some of them actually have night vision.  Although not tremendously important it does allow you to turn the lights off in the baby’s room and still see your child.

If needed you can get a baby monitor that has multiple receivers and just place one in each room.  This way you don’t have to carry the handset with you at all times.

And finally, some digital baby monitors have a walkie-talkie feature that allows you to not only talk to your baby but also between handsets if there are multiple ones.

Baby monitor reviews can be found on sites such as Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and on Amazon.  Now that you know what to look for make sure you head over to one, or all three of these sites.  These baby monitor reviews can be a big help when you need to find the best baby monitor for the money.

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