You Can Lose Weight – Motivational Strategies to Help you Finally Lose Weight

you can lose weight

With the proper motivation you can lose weight

Guess what, you can lose weight.  I know you’ve probably tried before and perhaps just like most people you didn’t reach your goals.  The problem probably wasn’t in your execution but more likely in your motivation.  You can lose weight all it really takes is just getting started.  Once the pounds begin to melt off that will be it’s own motivation.  I’ve listed here some tried and true strategies you can use to finally motivate yourself to start.  Remember, just starting a weight loss program is over half the battle.  If you never start, you’ll never lose weight.  If you start, you can lose weight.

You can lose weight by using these motivational cues

Although many people get up one day and say to themselves “I’m going to workout and go on a diet and lose some weight”  they usually end the day ordering some take out food and sitting in front of the TV.  Use the following cues to get yourself fully motivated to begin your weight loss quest.

1.  This is by far the best thing you can do.  Take a fat photo of yourself and put it in a prominent place.  Perhaps on the fridge or even in front of the TV.  Every time you look at it you’ll be motivated to succeed.  You can lose weight by doing this.

2.  Rather than say to yourself I’m going to lose 50 pounds make short, realistic goals for yourself.  Try something like, I’m going to exercise three times this week, or even just “I’m going to have a salad for dinner tonight”  If you take ‘baby steps’ you’ll get closer and closer to your goal.

3.  Every week that you achieve your short term goal reward yourself (and no, not with a cheeseburger).  Maybe you can buy yourself something, or rent a movie or whatever.  The key is, if you don’t reach your goal, you don’t get it.

4.  Try to associate with fit, healthy people.  Maybe at work or wherever, it doesn’t matter.  Their eating and exercise habits will rub off on you.  They can certainly motivate you to succeed.

5.  Like #4 above, join an online weight loss community.  Most are free and you can get some great tips and make some new friends.

6.  If you eat well every week then allow yourself a cheat meal that week.  Don’t overdo it but studies have shown that people who eat a cheat meal every week are more likely to stick to their diet.  Despite eating this cheat meal you can lose weight.

7.  Go online and buy yourself a healthy eating cook book.  Foods made at home are far more healthier and nutritious than anything you can order in.

8.  Once the momentum gets going and you start to lose weight donate your ‘fat’ clothes to charity.  Once you do this there’s no going back.  You are committed to losing more weight.

9.  This is very important.  Keep a daily log of what you eat and what exercise you do.  At the end of the week when you weigh yourself if you’ve lost weight then keep doing what you’re doing.  If not you can look at your log and see where you can make changes.  This is a very important thing to do, and by keeping up with this you can lose weight.

10.  If you ever feel like quitting and have just lost your motivation go to step #1 and take a good look at your fat photo.

For many people losing weight isn’t difficult, it’s starting their weight loss program and sticking with it.  Staying motivated can be difficult, trust me I know.  Try some, but hopefully all of these tips and you certainly can lose weight, I did.

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