Make Money at Sperm Banks – Become a sperm donor!

become a sperm donor

Become a sperm donor and make some cash

Sperm banks will buy your sperm, if you pass their strict screening and get accepted into their program.  If you want to make money at a sperm bank, whether for financial or other personal reasons keep in mind that the screening process can take up to 6 months to complete.  Once you’re accepted though the income potential is quite significant, some donors at sperm banks can make several thousand dollars a year.

To hedge your bets you should search for local sperm banks and apply to become a sperm donor at all of them.  The highest quality ones will have the strictest screening process but will pay you the most money.

Sperm banks have screening requirements here’s a general list of the more common requirements.

  • You should be tall, at least 5′ 9″ As most moms want tall sperm donors
  • You should be between 18 and 40. Most sperm banks want donations from younger men.
  • Don’t be fat; your weight should be proportionate to your height.
  • You should be well educated, the more education you have the better
  • You should not be adopted, and this is usually non-negotiable.
  • You should be able to provide a sample 4-6 times a month for 6 months for the initial screening.
  • You should have no diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, Herpes or any other disease that can affect a baby

Call your local sperm banks if you feel you meet these requirements, they’ll screen you over the phone and perhaps invite you down for an initial sample and to fill out paperwork.

If you pass the initial screen your first sample will then be tested.  You can expect to have to leave more samples twice or even three more times.  You’ll also have to take a blood and urine test.

The purpose of this testing is to make sure your clean with no diseases, drugs, STD s or other genetic problems.  If you pass all the tests you can become a sperm donor.

Usually a sperm bank will require one or two deposits a week over the course of 6 months or so.  You will usually start getting paid after the first week.

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