Make your Own Amazon Discount Codes

Get some easy Amazon discount codes!

Get some easy Amazon discount codes!

Like most people I can cruise and fill my shopping cart with dozens of items in no time.  Unfortunately, without a discount code I often times just delete them.  I’m not going to pay full price! Here’s an easy method to ‘engineer’ your own discounts on Amazon using their own system. discount codes are easy to get, just follow these steps.

Use your gold box to get Amazon Discounts

Browse through Amazon like you normally do and add items you would like to your shopping cart. Also add some related items, so if you want a particular brand of coffee for example, add a few different flavors from that company. Do not purchase the items, just add them to your cart

Make sure you check your shopping cart everyday, you will get notified if the price of any item has changed. Your discounts will show up shortly.

Check your Gold Box, you can get to it by clicking the down arrow next to ‘Today’s Deals’ on the navigation bar.

Eventually the items you added and related items will start appearing in your Gold Box. Check your Gold Box everyday until the item you want appears then buy it with the discount! Enjoy your new discounts! It’s like your own personal Amazon coupon code.

This is a really simple, almost foolproof system.  You see, chooses the items you get in your Gold Box based on your past purchases as well as any items you put in your shopping cart.

Hang in there, sometimes getting these Amazon discount codes can take a few days.  If more than that passes try adding some more related items to your cart.

UPDATE: This still works, but in addition to this you can use ebates to get some cashback on select categories.  Go to ebates, sign up and enter Amazon through their site when your items show up in your daily deals for an extra 3% cashback.

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