Motorcycle Insurance NY – Tips to Help you Save on your NY Motorcycle Insurance

motorcycle safety school

The motorcycle safety school will help you save on your motorcycle insurance in NY

Finding cheap motorcycle insurance in NY can be difficult.  It’s no secret that NY is not a motorcycle friendly state, and getting cheap insurance rates reflects that.  However, if you follow some simple steps it is possible to save quite a bit of money on your motorcycle insurance in NY.  I’ve outlined below some of the things you can do to cut the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Tips to help you get Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in New York

First off, and this is vitally important, don’t assume the large auto insurance companies are going to give you the best rate, the fact is, they won’t even come close.  A certain ‘lizard’ company wanted to charge me nearly 3 times what my auto insurance rate, the other companies weren’t much better.  Truth be told you’ll often times find the best NY motorcycle insurance rate from smaller, less well known providers.  Beware though, NY is one of those states where a credit check will be run every time you apply for an insurance quote, so make sure you get all your quotes in a short period of time, say one or two weeks.  If you drag it out your credit score will drop causing your quotes to go up.  If you do all your quotes at one time you’ll take a small for all of them, not many hits.

Next up, and this is just as important.  Take the motorcycle safety course.  In NYC the course is given in the Bronx.  Take the course whether you have your motorcycle license or not.  Taking and passing this great course gives you an instant 10% deduction on your rates.  Not only that, you’ll also get a 10% discount on your car insurance too!

Next up, and you might not be able to do this, if you haven’t purchased your bike yet choose one that’s not in a high risk category.  By this I mean that certain rider types using certain bikes throw a red flag to insurance companies.  New, inexperienced, 20 somethings on sport bikes  is one example.  I suggest reading the book linked below, it outlines the high risk bikes and categories.

And finally get Lo jack.  This device not only makes recovering your motorcycle easier if it gets stolen, it’ll also provide a discount on your motorcycle insurance in NY.

There you have it, some tips to help you save on your insurance.  I’m not going to say these are easy, but they are doable and necessary if you really want to save some bucks on your NY motorcycle insurance.  Remember, cheap motorcycle insurance, whether in NY or not, isn’t going to jump in your lap, you have to find it.

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