Motorcycle Riding Jackets – How to Find the Best Jacket for Motorcycle Riding

Leather motorcycle riding jackets offer the ultimate protection

Motorcycle riding jackets are a great piece of protective gear when it comes to riding.  One of my favorite sayings is “Dress for the crash, not the ride” Simply put this means that no matter what the weather wearing a motorcycle riding jacket is a smart thing to do, it can prevent severe injury and even save your life.  When it comes to choosing great motorcycle riding jackets there are several features you should be aware of.  Let’s take a look at the features you’ll find in the best motorcycle riding jackets.

First off you need to decide on what material the motorcycle jacket should be.  There are of course many to choose from.  By far the best, and safest material to look for in motorcycle riding jackets is leather.  A good, thick leather motorcycle will really protect you in case the unthinkable happens.  You can, of course, opt for a different material such as nylon or denim.  For nylon look for a good thick material that is resistant to abrasion.  Denim motorcycle jackets should also be very thick and heavy.  For leather, choose a motorcycle riding jacket that is at least 1.2 mm thick.

There isn’t anything wrong with owning several motorcycle riding jackets, one for warm weather and another for colder weather, and even one for wet weather.  For motorcycle riding jackets you intend to wear during the heat of the summer make sure there are ventilation holes or mesh in non-impact areas such as under the arms, the chest and sides.  You’ll really appreciate this when the temperature rises.

Although armored, this motorcycle riding jacket isn't very comfortable. Look at the waist..

Now, what makes a jacket a motorcycle riding jacket is the armor.  Only consider motorcycle riding jackets that have armor to protect you, otherwise you’re really wasting your money.  Removable armor is nice since it allows you to take out the armor and wear the jacket when not riding.  The best armor these days is made of Kevlar.

Since you can never truly predict what the temperature is going to be I suggest you look for motorcycle riding jackets that have a removable liner.  With a removable liner you’ll be sure to be comfortable all the time.  You can keep the liner in your pack so it’s available at a moments notice.

When it comes to safety and comfort there are some construction details you should be aware of when looking at motorcycle riding jackets.  Make sure there is a way to tighten the waist, in this way you can prevent chilly air from entering during the evening.  Also, make sure you can tighten the wrist area as well, this will allow you to get a good seal with your gloves, and you’ll appreciate this when it rains.  Always look for motorcycle riding jackets that use a zipper, not buttons.  A zipper allows you to get a good front seal, buttons on the other hand can let in cold air and rain.

When it comes to motorcycle riding jackets the experts all agree that bright colors are good for safety and visibility.  Even better than bright colors is reflective material.  If you must choose a black motorcycle jacket then at least choose one that has some reflective material all around.

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