No Xbox Live Starter Kits? – Play xbox online without xbox live starter kits

No xbox live starter kits needed!

Do you really need xbox live starter kits to have multiplayer action with your xbox?  The answer is no, the fact is you can play xbox online without spending any money at all on xbox live starter kits.  How is this possible?  Well, there’s a free service out there that will let you play online against other people.  All you need is a computer, Internet connection and (obviously) an xbox.

I’m talking of course about the XBConnect service.  This is an absolutely free service that lets you play online, against other players without you having to spend a dime on some xbox live starter kits.

Xbox live starter kits or Free – You decide

If you have a running home network, by this I mean a computer, a router and a broadband connection then you’re good to go, just follow these directions.

First off head to the XBConnect website and download the client software.  The way this software works is it makes the xbox believe it’s playing on a local network instead of over the Internet, no xbox live starter kits required!

Once you have the software downloaded and installed turn on your console and go to the looking for games screen under multiplayer.  You’ll need to keep the xbox on this screen while you head over to your computer.

Multiplayer xbox gaming without xbox live starter kits

At your computer just fire up the XBConnect software, it will detect the xbox in a few moments.  After it detects it just search for a server that’s hosting the game you want to play and connect to it.

Once the server host starts the game it will appear on your xbox screen.  Now start playing and kick some butt!

This is a great way for a new player to try their hand at multiplayer gaming without investing money in xbox live starter kits and other accessories.  Try it out and see if you like it, you can always go and buy xbox live starter kits to get a taste of the community aspect of it later.

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