The Phillips Electric Toothbrush – Are these the Best Rated Electric Toothbrush Models?

phillips electric toothbrush

The phillips electric toothbrush, a seriously good powered toothbrush

Mention a powered toothbrush and for most people a phillips electric toothbrush will pop into their head, why?  simple, they’re one of the best brands out there.  Many companies make powered toothbrush models but a phillips electric toothbrush goes a bit further.  Clinically proven to improve oral health, a phillips electric toothbrush is a smart choice when you’re out to get a the best electric toothbrush for you and your family.

Let’s take a closer look as to why phillips electric toothbrush models are some of the best powered toothbrushes out there.

  • Newer models of phillips electric toothbrush have redesigned brush heads that are wider and get better coverage.  End result, better plaque removal.
  • Multiple modes.  This is a nice feature.  There’s three brushing modes; clean, sensitive and massage, all two minutes long.  In addition there’s two ‘routines’ MaxCare that is three minutes long, 2 minutes clean and one minute massage.  The GoCare routing in one minute of cleaning.  There’s also an easy start routine.  A nice feature for those of us that need to work up to full power.  The power level gradually increases over your first 14 uses.
  • A nice feature found on a phillips electric toothbrush is a timer.  It’s no secret that most of us do not brush for the dentist recommended two minutes.  The timer will beep every 30 seconds to let you know to move to the next area of your mouth.
  • A good, long lasting lithium ion battery.  These can go up to two weeks without recharging, a seriously nice thing to have when you’re traveling.
  • Speaking of traveling these include a travel case.
  • Some models of phillips electric toothbrush also have a built in sanitizer.  This is a seriously good feature to have since most toothbrush sanitizers are NOT made for larger powered brush heads.  This will also save you some bathroom counter space.

So there you have it, the phillips electric toothbrush is one of the best powered toothbrush brands you can own.  If you still need help deciding I suggest reading some electric toothbrush reviews on Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and on Amazon.  Reading some electric toothbrush reviews can give you some insight as to what actual consumers have to say about the model of phillips electric toothbrush you’re interested in.

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