Prevent a Hangover – Some Easy Tips to Cure a Hangover Fast

You should've taken steps to prevent a hangover!

You should’ve taken steps to prevent a hangover!

The media would have you believe that it’s impossible to prevent a hangover, well in reality, it is.  Don’t give up though, there are many things you can do to drastically lessen the effects if you take steps before you start drinking.  I’ve listed the sequence of things you should do to prevent a hangover so you won’t feel as bad the next day. The key to prevent a hangover is understanding exactly what happens to your body when you’re drinking.

First off, you go to the bathroom a lot, so you’re dehydrated.  In addition the alcohol causes the electrolytes in your body to deplete.  While urinating you also get rid of lots of nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Before you go out take a multivitamin and eat some food. You’ll also want to carry one or even two more vitamins with you to take later, at about 2-3 hour intervals.  This right here is a key step to help prevent a bad hangover.  You’ll want to constantly replenish the vitamins your body is losing while you drink.

You should alternate a glass of water with every other alcoholic drink, or at the very least drink a full glass of water with each vitamin you take.  Alcohol is a diuretic which means it reduces your bodies ability to retain water.  This is why you need to go to the bathroom so often.  Not going, or ‘holding it’ has no effect as the water is still leaving your tissues and going into your bladder, this is an old wives tale, it just isn’t true.  To overcome this you need to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent a hangover, just drink some water every once in a while. After about 2 or 3 hours drinking take another vitamin with a full glass of water.

It's too late to prevent a hangover nowTake the last vitamin before you go to bed, in this case if you have it I would recommend drinking a sports drink like Gatorade since they are loaded with electrolytes, something you depleted over the last few hours.  The vitamin and drink are especially important to prevent a hangover before you go to sleep. Make sure you get a good nights sleep and drink more water the moment you get up.  It’s important to rehydrate and take another vitamin the moment you wake up as water was still leaving your tissues while you were sleeping.

Now, to combat the nausea when you wake up it’s imperative that you eat something when you get up, even if it’s just a cookie or a cracker.  Drinking causes dehydration in the intestines, normally there is a constant flow of food into waste there, but when you are dehydrated this can stop or even reverse causing nausea.  Eat something no matter how small it is.

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