Read your Car Rental Agreement to Avoid Hidden Charges

Not reading the car rental agreement can cost you serious cash!

Most of us just sign the car rental agreement without actually reading it.  Unfortunately these days this could end up costing you some serious cash.  When renting a car it’s absolutely imperative that you actually read the car rental agreement carefully as these days it’s not uncommon to end up paying extra fees if you don’t follow the car rental agreement to the letter.  Let’s look at some of the ways a car rental business can take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer.

The car rental agreement of just about all car rental places gives them the right to not only charge you if the tank isn’t full when you return the car.  Most places will also charge you a ‘fueling fee’ too.  The point is this, fill the tank up just before you return the car; I mean top it off and save the receipt.  Also, check the fuel level before you pick up the car, it it’s not full have the attendant note this on the car rental agreement.

The car rental agreement usually gives the car rental place the right to charge you a fee if you pick up or drop off the vehicle at times different than your contracted time.  Make sure you notify the car rental business as soon as possible to avoid this ‘no-show’ fee.

Some less than honest car rental places will insist you have to buy additional car insurance in order to rent one of their vehicles.  The fact is if you already have car insurance you do NOT need to buy this.  If they insist don’t hesitate to call their main office or just walk away.

And finally, I just want to say that most all of the big car rental places out there are respectable and honest car rental businesses that treat the customer honestly.  Read the car rental agreement carefully and take measures to avoid any additional fees you possible can and you’ll do just fine.

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