Get Ripped Abs – Common Sense Tips to Help you get Ripped Abs

getting ripped abs

Getting ripped abs takes dedication and hard work!

Late night infomercials would have you believe that in order to get ripped abs you need to order some machine and use it just 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week.  Well, guess what, this is not entirely true.  In order to get ripped abs you need to accomplish two things.  First off you’ll need to work on your abs, and secondly, and perhaps even more important, you’ll need to get your body fat under 10%.  If you don’t get your body fat down you’ll never see those abs you worked so hard, and thus, nobody will ever know you have ripped abs.  Here’s some tips that’ll help you in your goal.

To get ripped abs you’ll need to work out

I know this seems obvious, but in case you didn’t realize it I just don’t mean working your abs, I mean your entire body.  You see, as you increase your lean muscle mass your BMI will increase (that’s base metabolic index, which is simply how many calories you burn just standing there)  The higher your BMI the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day and the easier it’ll be to get your body fat percentage down.  Here’s an article that’ll explain the importance of a full body workout in more detail.

To get ripped abs you’ll need to reduce your body fat

Just like working out is an important part of getting ripped abs, having a good, clean diet is even more important.  Even at just 14% body fat you’ll never see your toned, strong abs, and that means no six pack.  It’s vitally important to have a good diet, but don’t overdo it.  You really want to shoot for losing 1 or 2 pounds a week and no more.  If you lose more you run the risk of putting your body into starvation mode and that means it’ll stubbornly hold on to every molecule of body fat you have.  So eat 6 good meals a day, count your calories and stay away from the junk food.

To get ripped abs you’ll need to keep a log of your progress

Now here’s the important part to getting ripped abs.  It’s important that you keep a detailed log of what you do and what you eat.  Over the course of days and weeks you’ll be able to track your body fat loss and your increase in strength.  You’ll need to measure your body fat in the morning a few times a week and if you notice your loss begins to slow, or even if you stall you can look at your log and make adjustments as necessary.  I can almost guarantee that as you get closer to 10% body fat you’ll need to incorporate some cardio to get past that hurdle.

Getting ripped abs is a very difficult thing to do but it’s not impossible at all.  The key is diet and exercise, maintain a log and religiously track your fat loss.  If you begin to have problems you”ll be able to make adjustments based on what you’ve been doing and eating over the last few days.  Just keep at it, it’s not a race at all, if you’re persistent and dedicated I can almost guarantee you’ll get those ripped abs your after.

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