Some Car Rental Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

car rental tips

Follow these car rental tips to save some cash!

If you’ve never rented a car before you’re in for a big surprise if you go out and think you’ll end up paying the advertised rates.  Car rental tips like the ones below can save you some real cash when you return the car.  Although there are many car rental places that treat the consumer with respect there are also many that will use every ‘trick’ in the book to milk the consumer out of every possible penny it can.  Read these car rental tips to avoid this from happening.

A car rental agency can, and will, charge you a fee if you return the vehicle without the tank being full, that means on F, not almost on F.  One of the most important car rental tips I can give is this; top off the tank just before you return the car, and also get a receipt.  In addition it’s a good idea to look at the fuel level before you pick up the car, if it’s not on F then have the attendant note this on the car rental contract.

If your plans change and you pick up the car later then you contracted for you will get a no-show fee on your bill.  Make sure you let the car rental place know about any changes to your schedule as far in advance as possible.

There are some, less than honest, car rental places that will insist that you must purchase additional car insurance from them to rent one of their cars.  This is a down right lie, you are NOT required by law to buy more insurance if you already have auto insurance.  If they insist call their regional office or just walk out.  This is one of those car rental tips that can save you big bucks.

In closing I want to say that most of the big car rental places out there are respectable honest car rental businesses that treat the customer honestly.  Read the car rental agreement and take heed of these car rental tips to avoid any additional fees you possible can and you’ll do fine.

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