Summer Motorcycle Jackets – How to Find the Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Summer motorcycle jackets are a necessity when riding one of these

Summer motorcycle jackets are a necessity; you really have to resist the urge to ride around in just a t-shirt.  For safeties sake it’s very important to choose great summer motorcycle jackets and wear them.  There are many things to be aware of when it comes to choosing the right jacket, let’s take a look at some of the features common to the best summer motorcycle jackets.

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds when it comes to summer motorcycle jackets is nylon.  They are most certainly very breathable but they offer little abrasion protection.  If you must go this route then look very a very heavy ballistic nylon.  For denim summer motorcycle jackets choose one that is made of heavy material.  I recommend a leather motorcycle jacket.  Now, you may think that you’ll pass out from the heat but leather summer motorcycle jackets, designed properly, can actually be comfortable to wear.

One of the most important things to consider in summer motorcycle jackets is ventilation.  While you may stay cool while your moving, being stopped at a light can be a heat nightmare.  Make sure to only consider summer motorcycle jackets that have ventilation holes or perhaps mesh in non-impact areas such as under the arms, the upper chest and the sides.  You’ll really appreciate this when the temperature rises.  I should also say that, especially for leather motorcycle jackets, what you wear under the jacket makes a big difference in keeping cool too.

Aside from ventilation you should also consider armor in whatever summer motorcycle jackets you are considering.  After all, the purpose of dedicated motorcycle jackets is to protect you in case of a crash.  You can go for fixed or removable armor, I prefer removable so you can take it out and wear the jacket when not riding.  These days Kevlar is the armor of choice in summer motorcycle jackets.  The back and joints should be protected.

Summer motorcycle jackets made of mesh will keep you cool, but offer little abrasion protection

Even though we’re talking about summer motorcycle jackets I recommend choosing one that has a removable liner.  You may want this when the weather gets colder during the evenings.  You can keep the liner in your pack and put it in when you need it.  Having a liner will also add some additional usage time to a summer motorcycle jacket, enabling you to use the same jacket for a few more weeks of riding season.

In addition to the points above there are several other features you should look for in great summer motorcycle jackets.

First off, make sure the waist and wrists can be tightened and sealed.  You’ll appreciate this when it rains or the temperature drops a bit.

Always look for summer motorcycle jackets that use a zipper, not buttons to close.  Buttons can let in cold air and rain so never even consider them.

Look for lots of pockets that are easy to open and close, especially if you have riding gloves on, the last thing you want to do is fumble with clasps when you need to get something at a red light.

And finally, consider the color.  For safety and visibility reasons the experts recommend bright colors.  Even better than bright colors is reflective material.  If you must choose black motorcycle riding jackets then look for one that has reflective bars all around for increased visibility.

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