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super cheap textbooks

Buy super cheap textbooks and save some cash!

The key to getting your textbooks super cheap is to start your research early, way before your class is set to start.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that getting your textbooks super cheap is just plain smart.  Even if you’ve had trouble in the past getting your textbooks at a good discount I’ll show you some proven ways to hedge your bets and beat out everyone else in your quest to get your textbooks on the cheap, or better, super cheap.

Easy ways to get Super Cheap TextBooks

First off, and I’m really serious here, you have to start researching sources and prices way before your class is to begin.  Even better, plan on starting to purchase those textbooks when the previous class ends.  Why?  well, those students that were in THAT class will start to unload their books quickly, and you really want to pounce on those if possible.

Even if you’re not able to get any of those used books there’s still time.  You see, most people wait until the last moment to purchase their textbooks, when supplies of super cheap used textbooks start to dwindle.  The best way to get your hands on some of these cheap used textbooks is to know exactly what books you’ll need.

Obviously you don’t want to wait for the first week of classes to start searching for your books, why not email the instructor and ask what book is required, make sure you get the ISBN number though, that way you’ll know exactly which one to buy.

Once you have the ISBN number it’s vitally important that you start searching online to find a good source for those books. Not every place has a supply of used cheap textbooks so make sure you search many sources.

Once you have a good source make sure you factor in any shipping charges, some places ship free, some don’t, and the prices vary enough to make it worth the effort to compare prices.

Once you have a good price and a good source check if there is a volume discount.  If there is one then it makes sense to see if anyone you know is also taking that class and would like to join in the order, even go so far as putting a note on the bulletin board if possible.

A few good sources for discount textbooks I’ve always had luck with is and and especially on Amazon.  Make sure you check out these sites too.

And finally, it goes without saying that one way to make sure you get your textbooks super cheap is take care of them and sell them back for some cash after the class is over.

Super Cheap Textbooks – Find the right books

So to summarize, the best way to get your textbooks super cheap is to shop early, email for the ISBN numbers if necessary.  Pounce on the previous class to get one of those used cheap textbooks, and, failing that, search the web early before the used ones are all sold.

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