T3 Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer – How to Choose the Best T3 Ionic Hair Dryer for the Money

t3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer

A T3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer gives the best results

If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer I highly suggest a T3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer, there’s simply no other hair dryer out there that will dry your hair faster and with better results.  Unlike other hair dryers the t3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer uses ion technology to make your hair silky and shiny as well as drying it ridiculously fast.  In this article I’m going to go over the technology behind t3 hair dryers, what features to look for, and finally I’ll link some examples of highly rated t3 ionic hair dryers.

Why is a T3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer so good?

Unlike normal hair dryers which simply blow hot air onto your hair the t3 tourmaline hair dryer has tourmaline gems embedded in the ceramic heating element.  These gems produce more ions and also produce more infrared heat.  The end result is your hair dries 70% faster and ends up less frizzy without that ‘blown dry’ look.  If you have naturally frizzy hair the t3 ionic hair dryer is a must have beauty appliance.

When choosing a new hair dryer it’s important to understand what specific needs you have.  For instance, if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair an ionic hair dryer is tailor made to straighten your hair much better.  Also, many people don’t know that the more power a dryer has, the better able it is to straighten your hair.  For this reason choosing a good t3 tourmaline ionic hair dryer that also has lots of power will make straightening your hair quite easy.

What are some features of a good T3 ionic hair dryer?

Although all ionic hair dryers basically do the same thing, dry your hair while making it silky and shiny there are some features that set different models apart.

Opt for an ionic hair dryer with multiple power settings.  Contrary to popular belief using your hair dryer on high all the time is NOT the best thing to do.  Different hair types respond differently to different power settings, experiment with this and you’ll see what I mean. Make sure the hair dryer you choose has different settings, including a ‘cold’ mode.

Look for many attachments.  One of the best is a diffuser, this attachment is great for giving flat hair a lift.  Narrow nozzles on the other hand are great for straightening hair.

Check the weight of the hair dryer.  Even though an ionic hair dryer works fast, you still want one that’s light.  Check out the ‘featherweight ionic hair dryers’

I also like to make sure the warranty is good.  No, a one year limited warranty is NOT good, look for at least a two year warranty, four years is obviously better.

Now let’s take a look at some good examples of highly rated t3 tourmaline ionic hair dryers.  Compare these with the features above and you’ll see why these are quite good buys.

T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Dryer
T3 Tourmaline 83888 Evolution Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
Hot Tools 1043 Tourmaline 1875 Watts Hair Dryer HT 1043

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