The Top Free Anti Virus Software you can Download Now

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I’ve compiled a list of the top free anti virus software programs you can download.  I think we all can agree that in the age of virus’s, spam, spyware and other e-nasties, going online without an anti virus program is akin to committing e-suicide. Instead of going out and buying one of those mainstream ‘corporate’ anti virus programs, and then paying 10, 20 or more dollars a year for a yearly subscription, try one of these top free anti virus programs. The cool thing is that since they are free, you can download and run more than one anti virus program and choose the one you like the best.

Avira anti virus personal edition. To me this is one of the top free anti virus programs available.  It’s extremely light on system resources and has good detection capabilities.  It doesn’t include any email scanning or spyware protection, so you’ll need to run adaware (see below)  in conjunction with this free anti virus program.

Avast home edition.  This is great for the person who’s always online or for an online  gamer.  It has an unusual media player style interface that takes a bit to get used to.  This free download able anti virus program has anti root kit and anti spyware capabilities built in and is also very light on system resources.

Protect your computer with one of these top free anti virus software programs

Protect your computer with one of these top free anti virus software programs

AVG anti virus.  This is one of my personal favorites, I’ve been using this one for years it’s been constantly been updated and improved.  Although the scanner is slow and a bit heavy on system resources it gets regular updates and includes anti spyware, phishing and email scam protection as well.  If you don’t do any gaming, go for this one.  It’s definitely the top anti virus software program you can get.

Adaware personal edition.  This is another program I’ve been using for years.   This one specifically searches for spyware on your system and has no anti virus module.  A great adjunct to use with any of the other top free anti virus software programs.

ClamWin. This is another free, download able anti virus program.  It’s open source and light on system resources.  It does NOT have a real time scanner though, you’ll need to schedule scans yourself.

Spyware blaster. Although this isn’t technically an anti virus program,  it’s incredibly useful and you should run it.  This one detects browser hijacking, you know, when you open up internet explorer and it always goes to some page that you don’t want it to.  Also has anti spyware built in. Use this one with one of the other top free anti virus programs.

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