The Ultimate Xbox Live Discount

Why pay for an xbox live subscription?

Why pay for an xbox live subscription?

Here’s an easy way to get the ultimate xbox live discount without paying for an xbox live subscription.  Believe it or not you can play xbox games online against real human opponents for free, and it’s perfectly legal.   Now you can show the world just how good you really are! and best of all it won’t cost you one cent.  There’s a free service out there that’s just as good as xbox live, all you have to do is download it and set it up.

Why pay for xbox live when you don’t have to?

The first thing you need to do is have a home network up and running.  Setting up your own home network is beyond the scope of this article, but there are many quality guides available out there that can help you through it.  I would also suggest a ‘gaming router’ for the best online gaming speed, especially if you’ll be playing an online shooter or action game.  If your network is up and running and your computer can successfully attach to the internet you’re just a few moments away from playing xbox games online at the best xbox live price, free!

Go to and download their free client software.  Their software works by making your video game console believe it’s playing locally on a home network and not on the internet playing against other online opponents.

Get your favorite game ready.  XBConnect supports an amazing number of games, from shooters all the way to online role playing games.  Make sure you choose wisely, human opponents are unforgiving!

Turn on your Xbox or Xbox 360 console and  insert the game as usual and go to the ‘Looking for games’ screen under multi-player.  Stay at this screen and then go to your online PC.

On the PC fire up the XBConnect software and it will detect the Xbox, the Xbox needs to be on the ‘looking for games’ screen for it to be detected.

Once the Xbox is detected search for an online server hosting the game you want to play and connect to it.

Once the server host has started the game it will appear on your TV. Now start fragging and show them who’s boss!

See, it’s really easy to get a great xbox live discount, well it’s not really xbox live, but it is free, and isn’t that the best xbox live price you can pay?  Certainly it beats paying for an xbox live subscription!

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