Things You Must Know Before Sending Your Alienware Laptop For Service

Have you ever tried of getting your Alienware laptops serviced? If not, did it ever occur to you that the time would eventually come for your beloved machines to get its well deserved pampering if not a complete laptop repair? If your situation is the latter, I am pretty sure you are up for a big surprise. For those who are new to this, I bet you are itching to relate.
I wish the surprise I mentioned earlier was a positive one. I really do. Especially given the fact that Alienware laptops are supposed to be aiming for the upper end of the laptop market, nobody would expect to get such horrendous service for such expensive machines. I could write about the nightmares I have gone through their technical support for days on end. Believe me you do not? Then please feel free to Google other customer experiences yourself.

Alienware Service – Freelance Laptop Technicians
Then we got the so-called freelance technicians on eBay. I know. Even I have not imagined that a Alienware Laptop Repair Service could be sold on eBay. Regardless of what you or I think, freelance laptop technicians do exist on the popular site. Many of them might even offer a tempting and affordable package for a laptop overhaul. The catch? Technical skills aside, such freelancers just do not have the resources (human or hardware) to be able to give you a good turn around time. So please feel free to try some of them Alienware service providers on eBay IF you are in no hurry to get your rig back in top shape.
After having had excruciating experiences on getting my Alienware workhorse serviced from the manufacturer and eBay technicians, I almost gave up. Luckily, I decided to try to get this baby fix one last time so I tried searching again for someone that might be able to do a better job. Then I found out that there are indeed some third-party companies that specialize in providing Alienware service.

Solution for Alienware Service
I wish I could say I have tried and tested all of them, luckily I can not since the guys at have done a hell of a good job bringing my rig back to its prime. These guys from Santa Ana, California sure did know their thing. The best part? I did not just have my alienware laptop overhauled inside out, I am also better off with the knowledge that I can still use my Alienware for years to come. And if I will ever need to get a more powerful machine, I need not throw this since I do have a number of upgrade options to make it run at par with any other notebook on the market. So now, all smiles I sure am.

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