Tips to Becoming a Sperm Donor in NYC

It’s no secret that the NYC economy isn’t very good right now.  If you’re short on cash maybe it’s time you consider becoming a sperm donor in NYC.  The approval process and screening is long and thorough but if you pass all the tests you can start making some nice money as a sperm donor in NYC.  For just a few minutes ‘work’ each month you can start having those checks roll in.  To save you time I’ve listed the process and approval requirements from some of the more thorough sperm banks.  Continue on to see if you have what it takes to become a sperm donor in NYC.

The first thing you should do in your quest to become a sperm donor in NYC is check out some of the local sperm bank websites, there should be a few links on this page to help you with that.  Once there you can see if they list their requirements, if they don’t just read on, I’ve got that covered.

Here are the more common requirements that you’ll encounter at sperm banks.  These are just guidelines since all local sperm banks differ in exactly what they want at any given time.

  • You should be over 5’7″ tall.  Most women want tall sperm donors.  Don’t worry if you’re shorter apply anyway just be aware of this.
  • Your weight should be normal, if you look overweight most places will reject you instantly.
  • You should be well educated.  The more college the better, don’t worry if your still in college, just be prepare to show you’re doing well.
  • You should be between 18 and 40 years old.  If your older and are in great shape and are quite successful and intelligent go ahead and apply.
  • You should be able to trace your family history.  I’m sorry but if you’re adopted you’ll most likely be rejected.
  • And finally, and this goes without saying, you should be healthy, no diseases, no STDs etc..

I know these requirements exclude lots of guys but it is what it is.  Women can be quite fickle in these things.

When it comes to the process of becoming a sperm donor in NYC it generally runs like this.

  • First off you’ll contact the sperm bank where you’ll be given a quick phone interview. If they like what they hear you’ll be asked to come in to drop off a sample.
  • They’ll check the sample for freezability, motility, count and deformity.
  • If the sample passes you’ll be asked to undergo health screening
  • If you pass these, and all their tests you’ll be offered a contract to become a sperm donor in NYC.

It’s a long process and upon successful completion you’ll be required to drop off 4 or 5 deposits in the first 6 months.

The payoff to becoming a sperm donor NYC is an easy paycheck for what amounts to 10 minutes of work a month.  If this looks like something you might want to do then go ahead and start contacting local sperm banks, you never know what might come of it.

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