Tips to Help you get the Best Motorcycle Insurance Rates

best motorcycle insurance rates

Get the best motorcycle insurance rates possible

Finding the best motorcycle insurance rates isn’t easy these days.  There are so many companies out there you’d think that competition would lower rates, unfortunately this just doesn’t seem to be the case.  If you want to get the best motorcycle insurance rates possible you’re going to have to work at it.  I for one was surprised when I go a quote from a well known company that was actually way more than my car insurance.  Read on to learn some ways that you can use to reduce your rates and get the best motorcycle insurance rates possible.

I know it’s been said before but I can’t stress enough the importance of shopping around.  Don’t automatically assume that the ‘big boys’ will have the best motorcycle insurance rates, in fact, they usually don’t.  The key here is to look into smaller, less known insurance companies.  They want your business and will give you a much better rate.  Also, one again, don’t assume if you already have car insurance with a carrier that adding a bike will be cheap.  Get some online quotes from smaller companies, even look into brokerages, they are often quite cheap.

Attend a motorcycle safety school and take the motorcycle safety course.  Passing this easy two day class will get you an automatic 10% off your motorcycle insurance rates.  In fact, it’ll also give you 10% off your car insurance too!  Don’t pass this one up as it’s an easy way to save money and get the best motorcycle insurance rates possible.

If you haven’t bought your motorcycle yet make sure you get the right one.  There are some combination’s of bike and rider that throw a red flag to insurance companies.  I’m sure we can all guess the newly licensed 20yr old rider on a sport bike, but also the 40yr old rider with 2 years riding experience on a 1500cc bike is also a high risk group.  I’ve linked a great book below that has an entire section devoted to high risk combination’s.  If you want to get the best motorcycle insurance rates you’ll need to look at this and choose your bike wisely.

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

So there you have it, these tips require some work, and some research but in the end I’m sure you’ll be successful in finding the best motorcycle insurance rates possible.  I know it’s possible because I did, in fact I ended up with a rate that was over 75% less than what the ‘Gecko’ quoted me.  Good luck and search everywhere.

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