Tips for Finding a Great Wifi Laser Printer – Shopping for a new laser printer

wifi laser printer by brother

This wifi laser printer by Brother is a great new laser printer to get!

The wifi laser printer has become widely available in the last few years, this is great news if you’re shopping for a new laser printer. There are many manufacturers out there making wifi laser printers as cheap as $70, and as much as $300. So really, what’s the difference here? Let’s go over some of the features commonly found on wifi laser printers. Understanding these features and how they apply to you is important when shopping for a new wifi laser printer.

Some common stats that you’ll see advertised on a wifi laser printer

Pages per minute or PPM. This is, obviously, how many pages the wifi laser printer will be able to print in one minute. I want to point out that most new laser printers that are fast will really advertise this feature. I believe that for the average home user that only prints a few pages at a time that this is a useless stat to consider. Seriously, does it really matter if that 2 page recipe takes 20 seconds or 25 seconds to print?

Resolution: A high resolution wifi laser printer will print out pictures very nicely but will generally be much slower than a low resolution one. Weight this feature based on what you’ll normally be printing.

Paper handling: This is a listing of the different paper types that the new laser printer is able to handle. Look at this list and see if anything you want to print is excluded. Keep in mind that some space saver designs can’t always print some common items, like post cards and other card stock because of the paper path.

Connection: Obviously since we’re talking about a wifi laser printer make sure the new laser printer actually has built in wifi. A plus is also having a regular network connection.

Built in memory: This is the amount of on board memory the wifi laser printer has. With more memory you’ll be able to print larger print jobs quicker, this really only comes into play if you’ll be printing graphics or photos. Sometimes this can be expanded by purchasing additional memory. Again, consider what you’ll be printing and weigh this feature appropriately.

No printer will list it’s cost per page. Now you’ll want to calculate this since some replacement toner cartridges can be ridiculously expensive. Keep in mind that a high resolution laser printer will go through toner much quicker. You can calculate this by searching for the replacement cartridge and dividing the cost by number of pages it’s rated for.

Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces

When you’re ready to go out and buy a great wifi laser printer I suggest reading laser printer reviews on sites like Consumer Search and Consumer Reports, even Amazon has consumer reviews. These laser printer reviews are written by consumers just like yourself and can really help you find the best new wifi laser printer that fits your needs perfectly.

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