Tips on Finding the Best Computer Power Supply Unit

A computer power supply unit should fit your needs perfectly

A computer power supply unit is a critical component of any computer.  Choose the right one and your PC will run flawlessly, choose the wrong one and you’ll have nothing but problems, that is if it even turns on.  Read on to learn what stats are critical when choosing a computer power supply unit.

Before moving on it’s important to note that different size computer cases require a different size computer power supply unit.  Make sure any computer power supply unit you’re considering can fit into your current case.  If you’re building a new computer then keep in mind that the smaller cases can fit fewer components and usually require a smaller computer power supply.

As a general rule, when it comes to actual output of the computer power supply unit it’s best to add up the total power requirements of the components you have, or intend to buy, add about 10% and look for a PSU in this power range.  It is not a good idea to just buy the largest power supply unit for your computer; not only will they give off more heat and more noise but it really will be a waste of money.

Make sure the computer power supply unit has enough connectors!

Whether replacing a computer power supply unit or building a new PC from scratch it’s very important the PSU that you’re considering have enough connectors for what you intend to use.  Most PSU come with adapters also so you can power up various types of hard drives and video cards.

A very important feature to look for in a computer power supply unit is the number of rails.  A rail is something like an individual power supply within the power supply, so a PSU with 4 rails has 4 separate power systems.  A top notch power supply with three rails for example can have one for the motherboard/processor/ram, another for the video card(s) and yet another exclusively for the drives.  A setup like this will give you very stable power, a crucial thing for a cutting edge gaming PC.

Now, the noise level may matter to you, it really depends on your ultimate use of the PC.  A noisy PSU can be quite distracting if all you’ll be doing is browsing the net and some business applications.  On the other hand, if you’ll be playing music or gaming loud this may not matter as much.

Some other considerations when choosing a Computer Power Supply Unit

A nice feature, especially if you’ll be building your own PC is modular cable systems.  This simply means that if you need a cable connection you can snap it into the PSU, you’ll only use the cable you need and this means less clutter in the case.

Make sure the power supply unit will fit your computer case

Although I would never buy a computer power supply unit based on flashy lights and other visual stuff it certainly is available out there.  This should never be a determining factor in choosing a computer power supply unit.

And finally, when you’re ready to buy a computer power supply unit I suggest reading power supply reviews on sites like Consumer Search and Amazon.  They have power supply reviews written by real users just like yourself and can really help you pick the right one.

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