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This stuff really can help you treat a cold sore

Treating a cold sore quickly and properly is important to get rid of a cold sore quickly.  If you need cold sore help then read the guide below, it’ll explain the proper steps in treating a cold sore at home and the supplies you’ll need to do it properly.  As we all know a cold sore outbreak can take days or even weeks to go away, don’t prolong it by not treating it quickly and properly.  Read on for cold sore help.

One of the most important things to remember is you must not touch or scratch the affected area, if you do you run the risk of spreading the cold sore all around your face.  Use a washcloth with soap and water if you must.  In addition make sure you wash your face and hands often, use hot water and anti-bacterial soap.

Carry some anti-bacterial lotion with you if you must go out. Cover the infected area with an ointment that has L-lysine in it.  When it comes to treating cold sore outbreaks at home this is a great way to cure a cold sore quickly.  Start from the outside in when applying to avoid spreading the cold sore all around your face. In addition to the ointment make sure you have L-lysine tablets available.  Take one every few hours and just before going to bed.  This is a great way to treat your cold sore at home.

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Once you understand what triggers your cold sore outbreaks you can take measures to contain them or even prevent them.

Always carry anti-bacterial lotion, l-lysine ointment and especially the pills with you.  At the first sign of a trigger situation you should take a pill, doing this will go a long way towards preventing the cold sore outbreak in the first place and should be your first step in treating cold sore outbreaks at home.  Cold sore help is easy if you have the proper supplies and know how to treat them.

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