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Looking for some unique gifts for somebody who plays World of Warcraft? I’ve listed the best World of Warcraft accessories and gifts here. Ranging from figurines, clothes, gaming accessories and other unusual and unique World of Warcraft related items.

The top World of Warcraft gift on the list should be the SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse. This baby has 16 million customizable colors, 130+ built in macros and 15 customizable buttons. Even better, if you have multiple characters it can store up to 10 profiles in it’s on board memory. This is without a doubt the best World of Warcraft gift that you can give that special WoW player!

The World of Warcraft keyboard

The World of Warcraft keyboard

Next up is the World of Warcraft keyboard.  Ideazon makes the zboard which features interchangeable key sets so you can go from regular keyboard to a custom WoW keyboard in seconds, just unsnap the old one and insert the new one.  A great addition to the World of Warcraft players arsenal.  You’ll need the base set and the key set.  Another great World of Warcraft gift!

Also available are the World of Warcraft figurines. They won’t really help you play World of Warcraft any better, but they’ll certainly get you into the mood.  A great gift for the WoW player who has everything.

In addition to figurines you can now get WoW themed clothing, these are really cool, especially the +20 frost resistance hoody!

And finally, time cards.  In the end you have to pay to play World of Warcraft.  Give the gift of gaming with simple, but much needed time cards.  A nice World of Warcraft gift for younger players who probably don’t have a credit card to use.

These items are all available on Amazon, I’ve listed a few below but you can certainly browse hundreds more once you get there..

World of Warcraft: Series 6: Dwarven King: Magni Bronzebeard Action Figure

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