Get Washboard Abs Fast – Common Sense Tips to Get Washboard Abs Fast

get washboard abs fast

Follow these tips and get washboard abs fast!

If you want washboard abs fast I’m sure you know it’s not going to happen overnight.  In fact it takes lots of dedication and attention to details.  Unlike a regular diet where you’re looking to lose weight, when you seek to get washboard abs fast you not only need to cut your body fat but you also need to work your abs as well.  So many people make the mistake of just doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches a day thinking that washboard abs will result.  Well, the fact is they wont.  Not only must you work those abs buy you also need to cut your body fat percentage to under 12%, which is no easy task.  Follow the tips below to learn what you need to know to get washboard abs fast.

Get washboard abs fast by starting a whole body workout program

You heard that right, simply working your abs is not enough.  By working your whole body you’ll increase your lean muscle mass which will result in a higher BMR.  BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate which, simply put, is the amount of calories you’ll burn by simply being alive.  The more calories you burn each day, the easier it’ll be to reduce your overall body fat percentage.  Remember, despite what late night infomercials would have you believe it’s absolutely impossible to spot reduce fat.  Only by burning fat everywhere will you see those washboard abs.  Here’s a more detailed look at the benefits of doing a full body workout to reduce body fat

Get washboard abs fast by starting a healthy diet

Once you have that whole body workout program going it’s time to start a sensible diet.  The key here is sensible, don’t put yourself into starvation mode.  There’s many articles out there that’ll recommend a good diet to use so I won’t go into it in too much detail here.  The point is, east 6 times daily and make sure you take in plenty of protein.  The amount of calories that you’ll want to take in depends on many factors but see the next step to determine how much to eat.

Keep a daily log to track your progress and help you get washboard abs fast

One thing that I can’t stress enough is keeping a daily log.  It’s vitally important that you track what exercises you did, how much weight you did and also what you ate.  At the end of each week you’ll need to measure your body fat percentage and make adjustments either by adding calories if you

body fat percentage scale
A good body fat scale will help you measure your progress.

lost too much weight or reducing your calorie intake if you didn’t lose enough weight.  I’ll recommend you shoot for about 1 – 2 pounds of weight loss per week, any more than that and you risk putting your body into starvation mode and then your weight loss will stop.  I recommend using one of those body fat percentage scales to make it easy on yourself to take your body fat percentage reading.

So there you have it.  It seems simple enough but way too many people just start doing ab workouts and get frustrated because they never see any results.  By mixing a sensible diet and a good whole body workout you’ll be able to get washboard abs fast.

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