What to Look for in a Beginner Digital Camera

kodak beginner digital camera

The Kodak EasyShare, a great beginner digital camera under $100

These days’ most digital camera manufacturers seem to be scrambling to add the latest and greatest features to their digital camera lineup, while it seems they’ve forgotten about the beginner.  If you just need a beginner digital camera, one that you literally just point and shoot read on.  I’ll go through the features out there, if you actually need them and if you don’t.  Disregard advertising and simply look for a great beginner digital camera based on what you actually need.

One of the first features you’ll notice when shopping for a digital camera is megapixels.  This is simply the number of dots in the picture.  Keep in mind that if you’ll only print in relatively small format, say up to 4 x 7 this really doesn’t matter too much.  For a beginner digital camera you can keep it low, say in the 3-5 megapixel range.

Going hand in hand with megapixels is memory.  You see, each photo takes up a small amount of memory so you’ll only be able to store so many before you need to save them onto your computer.  The more megapixels the digital camera has, the more memory each photo takes up.  You can increase this memory with memory cards on most camera models, even a beginner digital camera.

What kind of zoom does a beginner digital camera have?

Well there are two types of zoom available, optical or digital.  Optical zoom is by far the best as the zoom is actually done by the lens.  Digital zoom uses software to blow up the image, thus making it more grainy.

In both cases it’s a matter of choice.  For low megapixel cameras go with optical zoom, a higher megapixel digital camera can offset some of the grain problems that occur with digital zoom.

Here are some additional considerations when looking for a great beginner digital camera

A beginner digital camera by Casio

Printer compatibility.  By far the easiest setup when it comes to a beginner digital camera is being able to plug it directly into your printer.  Canon and Kodak make great setups like this.

Shutter and aperture settings:  Avoid this like the plague, instead look for simple picture settings such as outdoors, portrait and so on.  A beginner digital camera should be easy to use.

Video capability:  Some beginner digital cameras can take videos too; keep in mind that this will eat memory like crazy.

A good rule of thumb when looking for a beginner digital camera is smaller is better, and certainly the less buttons the better.

When you’re ready to head out and buy a beginner digital camera I suggest reading digital camera reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  The digital camera reviews are written by users just like yourself and can be a big help when looking for a great beginner digital camera.

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