What to Look for in a Great Heated Pet Bed

A heated pet bed by Petsafe

A heated pet bed by Petsafe

A heated pet bed is a great gift for your little buddy, the oft times forgotten family member.  Let’s face it, as soon as the weather starts getting cold we all pull out our comforters and/or electric blankets, but how many of us even consider our cold pet lying on the floor?  This winter get a heated pet bed for your furry friend, it’s great for those cold winter nights or those mid day naps.  Heated pet beds are also great for older dogs, who may have some mobility problems.  Here are some things you should consider when you’re ready to get a heated pet bed for your little buddy.

What features should I look for when shopping for a good heated pet bed?

First off determine the size of heated pet bed that you need to get.  Heated pet beds are available in small, medium and large, sometimes they are sized by the weight of your pet.  If you are unsure, just measure your pet when he/she is sleeping and get one size larger.  Another thing to consider is the way your pet sleeps, my dog, for example, likes to sleep all stretched out, so I got a heated pet bed one size larger.

A burrow type heated pet bed

A burrow type heated pet bed

After you know the size you need to determine the shape or style.  Heated pet beds are available as a square mat or oval shaped, with or without raised edging.  My pup likes to sleep up against something so I got the heated pet bed with the raised edging.  Some heated pet beds are available as a  ‘burrow’ or clamshell shape, pictured to the left, some pets like to dig in, so this might be an option for you as well.  Just think about where you’ll place your dogs bed and find the size that fits perfectly.  Unlike in the summer, when it’s warm, dogs like to curl up to stay warm (at least my dog does)  so consider this when trying to determine the size to get.

Another feature that you may see on some heated pet beds is a vibrating massage feature.  If your pet is a bit older this might be a good additional feature to get.  Take caution with this though as some animals may get skittish around mechanical items.  These make a bit of noise and could scare your pet.  My dog absolutely hates any kind of mechanical device, whether it’s the vacuum, electric razor or whatever so I didn’t get a heated pet bed with this feature.

A final consideration and one that should not be overlooked is a removable, washable cover.  Over time they will get stained, especially if your pet likes to bury his/her treats in it.  Get a removable cover and you’ll be able to wash it easily and ensure that your pet will have his heated pet bed for a long time to come.

Read this article if you’re looking for an orthopedic heated dog bed for an older dog?

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