What to Look for in a Great Mans Wallet

Oakley Leather Wallet
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Most guys put more thought into what they’ll have for lunch then they do into purchasing a mans wallet.  There are so many things to consider, yet most men just grab the first, cheapest black leather wallet they find.  Buying a mans wallet should be an important, thought out decision, as the wrong one could be near useless.  Read on to learn what to look for when you need to purchase a mans wallet.

Even though when you first start looking for a new mans wallet you’ll find that there are many types, shapes, materials and colors to choose from it’s important to remain focused.  You should use your current mans wallet as a guide to help you decide what you really want in a new wallet.

Even though there are many types of mans wallet available, you’ll probably only need to decide between the bifold or trifold.  By nature of design the trifold will be smaller in your pocket, but much thicker since you can pack many more cards into it.  Take a look at your current wallet, if it’s full of cards go with the trifold.

As far as material leather is the best choice, and when it comes to leather I mean top grain leather, not split grain or even fake leather.

This is a great mans wallet

This is a great mans wallet

Leather, properly taken care of will only look better with age, something a fabric mans wallet will never do.  If you tend to buy wallets, use them and forget about them it’s probably more cost effective to go with fabric or some other man made material.

Personally I prefer leather, it really doesn’t take much effort to use a leather cleaner and conditioner once or twice a year to take care of it.

All in all, it’s best to look at what you have now and use that to decide which mans wallet is best for you and the way you take care of it.

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