What to Look for in the Best Humidors

This is one of the best humidors you can get

A true cigar aficionado will only use the best humidors, the fact is, there are lots of low quality humidors out there that look good on paper, but in fact are quite bad for your cigars.  The purpose of a humidor is to not only protect your cigars from rotting and worms but also enhance the aging process, a process which, if done correctly will greatly enhance the flavor of your prized cigars.  Using the best humidors will reap great rewards, while using cheap, low quality humidors can, and usually will, end up in frustration and wasted money.  Read on to learn what qualities the best humidors have, and how to spot them.

The best humidors will be able to maintain the temperature of your cigars at 65-70 degrees and the humidity at 70%, there is no exception to this as you’ll see.

The humidity needs to be at 70% for this reason.  At this level your cigars will burn evenly and the aging/flavoring process will occur at optimal levels.  Under this level and the cigars will burn too quickly and have a generally bitter aftertaste.  Over this level and the cigar will burn unevenly, have an acidic flavor and, worse of all, be subject to rotting and even tobacco worms.  The best humidors will maintain 70% humidity without fail.

Make sure the lid has an airtight seal, without this the humidor will have difficulty maintaining the proper temp and humidity levels.

The interior lining should be made of unfinished dried wood.  If the wood isn’t dried properly it will secret resins over time that will impart unwanted flavor to your cigars.

The best humidors will have kiln dried Spanish Cedar

There are three main types of wood used in humidor interiors.

  1. Spanish Cedar – Costs more, but protects against worms, better maintain humidity, best cigar aging and imparts a desirable flavor to the cigars.  The best humidors will use Spanish cedar.
  2. American Cedar – Costs a bit less and provides some protection against tobacco worms, but imparts a generally undesirable flavor to your cigars.
  3. Honduran Mahogany – Cheapest, looks nice but inferior to Cedar in its humidity absorption. Not very good at repelling tobacco worms.  The best humidors will never use this interior lining.

The lid itself can be solid wood or have a glass window.  Basically solid wood is better for long term storage, over a few months or so.  For shorter times you can go with glass.

The best humidors will use a humidity agent known as acryl polymer, this is by far the best as it requires much less maintenance, less re-filling and will get up to proper humidity faster than any other humidity agent.

When looking for the best humidors it’s important to consider first the number of cigars you plan on storing and for how long.  This will guide you towards the proper size to get.  Look for Spanish cedar lining and acryl polymer humidity agent and you’ll most certainly find one of the best humidors for your money.

Here’s a link to a top rated humidor that has all the features mentioned above, and it’s under $30.

The Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor

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