Where to Look for Online Coupon and Promo Codes

Buying something online without searching for coupons and promo codes first is almost a sin.  With competition fierce among retailers and the economy not what it used to be the availability of coupons and promo codes for your favorite retailers are better than ever before.  Read on to learn where to look for these promo codes and other Internet coupon codes.

Where’s the best place to start my search for coupons and promo codes?

There are a few sites that do nothing more than post up coupon codes and other promo codes for dozens, even 100s of online retailers.  Some of the more popular ones are Coupon Cabin, Coupon Album and Coupons.com A great thing about these sites as the users themselves are the ones posting up the coupons and promo codes.  They also post up whether the codes are valid and working.  You should start your search on one or all of these sites.

Registering on a retailers website and joining their mailing list will often times result in you receiving coupons and other promo codes in your in-box on a regular basis.  If you have a favorite retailer you often shop from then most certainly you should register on their site.

If you’re a member of an organization such as AAA or AARP you will most certainly find some coupons and promo codes through the organization website.  Another great place to look is on your credit card and insurance provider websites, often times you’ll find many coupon codes and other promos for their members.

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