White Motorcycle Boots – How to Find a Great Pair of White Motorcycle Boots

white motorcycle boots

A good pair of white motorcycle boots should offer some protection as well as look good

If you’re looking for a great pair of white motorcycle boots it’s important to keep in mind one simple fact, no matter how good you want them to look, safety is the most important feature you should look for.  White motorcycle boots, like all motorcycle boots should protect your feet and ankles in case you take a spill and be comfortable and safe as well.  Let’s take a good look at some of the features you should look for when you’re looking to purchase a good pair of white motorcycle boots.

White motorcycle boots – What type do you want

All motorcycle boots come in three types, racing, standard and short boots.  First off you have to decide what type you want.  To help you out let’s go over the differences briefly.

  • Standard motorcycle boots are over the ankle and often times reinforced for extra protection.  These provide great protection against hot exhaust pipes.
  • Race boots, well, they’re made for racing, they are very difficult to walk in since they are heavily armored and stiff.  Obviously these aren’t recommended for street riding.
  • Short motorcycle boots are, you guessed it, short.  Often times these just come to the ankle, they provide little heat protection but are the most comfortable to wear off the bike.

For the best protection find a pair of standard length white motorcycle boots.  If you pay attention to details you can indeed find some that are comfortable to walk in yet stylish and cool.

Safety features to consider when shopping for white motorcycle boots

Now that we’ve covered the types let’s go into the safety features.

  • Make sure the heal and toe areas are reinforced.  A good, well made heal will give you stability and traction when coming to a stop, a definite plus in wet weather.  As far as the toe some motorcycle boots feature a reinforced toe shifter pad, again, a nice feature to have.
  • For abrasion protection look for leather boots, for warm weather some leather motorcycle boots have mesh areas on the side made of Gortex.
  • The ankle, heal and calf areas should have some form of armor.  Kevlar is the best, but at least make sure there’s something there.
  • An overlooked item is securing the laces, extra long laces can, and often do, get caught on things at the worst time.  This happened to me, my lace got caught on the heel shifter when I was coming to a stop.  Look for some way to secure the laces to prevent this.
  • The best white motorcycle boots should be water resistant in order to stay looking good, and riding is more enjoyable when your feet are dry.

So there you have it, pay attention to safety features and construction details and you’ll be able to pick out a great pair of white motorcycle boots with no problem at all.

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