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Why should you write for FCO?

You’ll be able to publish articles as well as QuickLinks to make money through adsense as well as promote other articles and content on the web! The great part is you can make money promoting the content you already have!

Hey, even if you’re new at this sort of thing you’ll be able to get hints, tips and help from both the FCO community and from our staff. We’ll do everything we can to help you succeed at this and make as much money as possible.

And, or promise to you is this. We will NEVER remove an article once it’s approved and published. We will NEVER republish your work anywhere.

How does this work?

Simple, just sign up for an account here. Then, once you’re approved (and obtain your Google Adsense ID) you’ll be able to start writing articles and QuickLinks.

You’ll receive 80% of the Adsense impressions on your content. What does this mean? Well, 8 out of 10 times the ads on the page will be yours, and 2 out of 10 times the ads on the page will be ours. If an ad is clicked the ad owner will get the money.

How do we help?

We plan on publishing short, mini-guides covering the many aspects of publishing articles online to make money. These mini-guides will explain step-by-step such things as choosing keywords, formatting articles, promoting articles as well as properly using our site to it’s fullest potential.

Our forums will also provide a wealth of information from other users as well as ourselves.

You can sign up for an account here, but make sure you read both our terms of use and our privacy policy.

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Hi there!, My name is Norm. I am a college grad, a veteran, a pet owner and a family man. I started writing articles both to make a little extra money, and to share my knowledge with others. I currently work in the IT department of a major NY hospital.
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