Zygors WoW Guide – A Detailed Look at Zygors WoW Guide

If you’re a seasoned WoW player I’m sure you’ve heard of Zygors WoW Guide.  Contrary to popular belief this guide is NOT a way to cheat, in fact, it’s just a way to get from level 1 to max level as quickly as possible in the most efficient way possible.  We all know that in WoW the real fun starts at 80, not at 25, 55 or even 75, but level 80.  If you’re planning to make some alts but are hesitating because of the tedious grind that you’ll have to go through then Zygors WoW guide is just for you.

Zygors WoW Guide – How will it help you?

Well, this is easy.  Unlike other guides, whether they’re free, online or whatever just give you a list of where to go, and what to do, pretty basic stuff.  The problem is the time you’ll have to take consulting these guides takes away from accomplishing the task at had, leveling quickly.

zygors wow guide

Unlike other guides, Zygors WoW guide is IN the game, no alt-tabbing

Zygors WoW guide avoids this problem by placing the guide right in the game.  That’s right.  The guide functions as an overlay to WoW itself, check out the screenshot to the right.  The great thing about this is that you never have to get away from the game to find out where to go next.

With the ingame overlay Zygors WoW guide not only tells you where to go, it also tells you the quickest way to get there and even exactly what NPC to talk to once you arrive.  This is a seriously good guide that’ll level you up so quick you’re friends will think you haven’t slept in a week.

I should also point out that Zygors WoW Guide is fully compliant and compatible with Blizzards addon policies and regulations.  There’s no cheating or hacking here, just speed leveling at it’s best.

If you’ve ever had to grind endless mobs to finish up a level you’ll be happy to know that with the Zygor Guide there is no grinding at all.  Ever level is gained through questing.  I’ll say that again, there is absolutely NO grinding required!

So, as a WoW player looking for the best, easiest and most efficient way to level up you have a choice…

One of those dinky little ebooks or Zygors WoW Guide.  If you love alt-tabbing to read some text, then scanning your ingame map for the right location then I suggest getting that ebook.  If, however, you want to play and level with a guide that has an interface that is seamless and fluid then I suggest the Zygor Guide.

Another advantage to the Zygor WoW Guide is it’s ingame map, as I alluded to earlier other guides, whether they’re online or an ebook don’t update your ingame map with the location you need to go to. Thus you’ll waste valuable time searching for the exact location to go to.  Check out the screenshot below, as you can see the Zygor guide tells you exactly where you need to go. Sweet!

zygor guides ingame map

No need to guess where to go, Zygors Guide tells you exactly where you need to be and what to do once you get there

Zygors WoW Guide – As WoW evolves so does the Zygor Guide

Unlike other guides the guys over at Zygor are constantly updating and improving their software.  So when WoW is updated so is the guide.  Other guides don’t take into account new quests but Zygor certainly does.

In addition, When Blizzard announced a new change to their addon polices that would make it a violation to directly sell addons, the programmers at Zygor came up with a unique distribution method that works withing Blizzard guidelines.  This product is 100% safe, legal and guaranteed not to get your account banned.  No other guide can say that!

They just released a new, customizable interface that you can tailor to your personal preferences and look

What classes work with the Zygors WoW Guide?

It doesn’t matter, you can use any class with the guide, whether it be Hunter, Warlock or Druid, it just doesn’t matter.  The quests that you’ll need to get your class specific gear and pets are in the guide so you don’t have to make detours to get gear like you’ll have to with other guides.

zygors talent build

Zygors WoW Guide has the exclusive in game talent adviser!

Another nice feature you’ll find in the Zygor Guide is the talent adviser.  This is an exclusive feature you won’t find anywhere else.  The guide now detects the moment you level up and it’ll suggest exactly where you should spend your talent points.  In fact, you won’t even have to open the talent panel, just click the ‘Learn’ button and you’re done.  You don’t have to search the web for build guides, it’s already in the Zygor Guide!  End result, more time saving and faster, more efficient leveling.

What else comes with Zygors WoW Guide?

There’s a host of additional extras you receive when you buy the Zygor guide.

  • Free lifetime updates.  And these updates are always released quickly after Blizzard updates WoW.
  • In game dual spec talent guides.  I’ve already said this but it’s so important I’ll list it again.  This is IN GAME, there’s no searching the web for talent builds.
  • Nether Drake mount guide.  You know you want it, this guide will tell you how to get it quickly and easily.
  • Death Knight class guide.  Everything you need to know to rule as a death knight.  Gear, builds, everything.
  • Inscription profession leveling guide.  Learn how to level up and make some gold.
  • Food and Drink guide.  Any good WoW player knows that food and drink can give you the extra edge you need.  With this guide you’ll always know what’s best in any situation.
  • Auctioneer guide.  Make serious gold on the auction house.  Learn why it isn’t good to always undercut your competitors.

Here’s a chart that’ll show you exactly why Zygors WoW guide is superior to everything else on the market today.

zygor comparison

The choice is clear!

As you can see, if you’re serious about leveling fast and winning at WoW you need this guide.  Continue on and learn more about Zygors WoW Guide.

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